Document Control

  • Centralized document access
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Document check in/check out
  • Document version control - customer drawing and tooling drawing
  • Automated file naming
  • Audit trail
  • Workflow automation
  • Scalable for expected expansion of the company
  • Multi CAD software support
  • Reuse of design data


Centralized Document Access
Adept serves as our single source for document access and control, enabling Sussex Wire to find documents located anywhere while ensuring version control, an automated approval process and an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle. Adept makes it easy to control access to our documents, while enabling organized, efficient document sharing and collaboration across our enterprise.



Check In/Check Out
Adept's check in/check out feature eliminates one of the most common document management challenges by ensuring that only one user can edit a file at a time. This prevents accidental overwrites and duplication of effort, while ensuring proper version control.



Version Control
Manual methods of document version control are difficult and prone to error, and mistakes are costly. In companies without document control, it is common to find multiple versions of a document across the organization. You may have a copy of a document on the network, a copy on a user’s hard drive and paper copies as well, making it virtually impossible to determine which is the correct version. If an incorrect version makes it to a client, contractor or the manufacturing floor, it can end up as an expensive and unfortunate mistake.

Adept serves as Sussex Wire's central point for document access and automatically ensures users always access the latest version. Adept also saves previous versions and maintains the historical metadata so you can access a snapshot in time as well as the complete document history. Adept maintains an audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle.



Audit Trail
Maintaining a complete audit trail for each document throughout its lifecycle is important not only for internal analysis and process optimization, but also for compliance with industry standards and regulations. Sussex Wire’s electronic Audit Trail provides a simple method to understand the complete history of each document. Authorized users can see the ongoing activity history of a file, including what action was taken, by whom, and the date and time the action occurred.

Complying with industry standards is important, time-consuming and expensive. Leveraging Sussex Wire’s electronic information tracking capabilities dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to gain and maintain certification, and dramatically increases your organization’s chances of successfully passing audits.

Adept helps us to comply with numerous standards including: ISO, QS, TQM, Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA 21-CFR11, and AS9100.



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