Application Profile

Aerospace Fastener

This CRES fastener for a new product design in an airframe latch involved three different geometric challenges: a convex head feature, a reverse hex extrusion, and a rolled thread over a backward extrusion.

Sussex Wire created the convex head and hex-shaped reverse extrusion by cold forming the part in the first part of the process. As a result of the cold forming process, the hex created by the reverse extrusion created a stronger part than would have been possible by other means, such as machining, which would have significantly weakened the part. Sussex set up a secondary process to thread-roll the part without collapsing the hex cavity.


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Use:  Fasteners for Aerospace Industry
Material:  Incoloy A-286
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Cold Heading
  • Extrusion
  • Reverse Extrusion
  • Annealing
  • Roll Forming

Critical Tolerances:

  • Inset Hex Depth and Concentricity
  • Head Height and Radius
  • 8-32 Thread to AS8879, UNJC-3A
  • 100% Net Shape - No material scrap
  • Work hardened head-to-shank interface
  • Work hardened threads per AS8879
  • Final tensile at 130,000KSI, from original material tensile of 85,000 KSI
  • Burr and silver free condition without mechanical secondary operation
  • High throughput, low cost alternative to machining

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