Sussex Wire: Manufacturing Processes for Demanding Applications Requiring Small Parts

Sussex Wire is a global pioneer in collaborative design, development, manufacture and control of small, miniature, and micro-miniature metal components for customers seeking a better solution for yield, strength, assembly and cost through the application of any of several manufacturing technologies ideally suited to meet the customer’s requirements.

Cellular work centers are organized to produce small specialized parts by cold forming, CNC Swiss micro-machining and four-slide forming, plus a host of secondary operations including roll forming and threading, tapping, turning, pointing, electrical discharge machining (EDM), cleaning, tumbling, etching and plating, all with tolerances down to 0.0005".

”As a manufacturer Sussex focuses on small metal parts in standard metals or exotic alloys. We employ state-of-the-art proprietary part progression and tool design modeling techniques developed over 40+ years to produce optimal component formation.

Sussex Wire employs vertically integrated LEAN practices in design, manufacturing, order and global inventory management including stock custom miniature and micro components for JIT delivery to international customers in the Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Appliance, Consumer Electronics, Defense and Semiconductor markets.

Our engineering team applies advanced progression, materials characterization, tooling and manufacturing knowledge to develop cost-effective production routines for each customer's requirements. Read more about Sussex Wire engineering capabilities.

Sussex Wire customers depend on our ISO9001:2015 quality system inclusive of automated optical inspection to meet their exacting standards. As part of its continuous improvement culture, Sussex Wire employs multi-disciplinary quality training and LEAN programs, led by LEAN Master Certified personnel. Read more about Sussex Wire quality capabilities.


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