Sussex Wire Provides Design and Manufacturing Services including CNC Swiss-Machined Components

A CNC Swiss MachineCustomer-driven requirements for Swiss-machined components with highly complex, tight tolerance (>0.001”), high throughput part designs with asymmetrical geometries and shapes created an opportunity for Sussex Wire to invest in CNC Swiss machining capabilities. The company’s CNC Swiss automatic lathes with main and sub spindles and a mix of live and fixed front and back-working tools provide fast cycle times, finishing parts complete without requiring secondary operations.

Programming and lengthy setup times, once thought to be impediments to making Swiss machined components, have been eliminated by advances in software and machine design. The machine allows several operations to be performed at the same time instead of sequentially, which dramatically improves machine efficiency and reduces net part cost.

For comprehensive precision Swiss Machining capabilities,
visit our sister company Marox Corporation.

Sussex Wire’s Automated CNC Swiss machining services include angular drilling (B-axis), deep hole drilling, milling, tapping, thread whirling and hobbing, with OD range of 0.012” to 0.475” and max length up to 5.3”. The company’s CNC Swiss manufacturing technology includes high-pressure coolant systems and mist collection enabling lower cost 24 X 7 lights out manufacturing.

Examples of Swiss-machined parts from Sussex WireThe combination of automated CNC Swiss lathes and cold forming manufacturing technologies further expands Sussex Wire’s ability to collaborate with customers in designing and engineering component part solutions without any of the manufacturing limitations that high volume screw machining has, for instance. Customers for miniature and micro-machined components in the medical device, aerospace, defense, automotive, semiconductor, electronics, consumer electronics and packages markets are demanding quick-turn, tight tolerance for increasingly complex geometries and contour elements served by CNC Swiss capabilities.

Automated CNC Swiss Machining Key Advantages over Screw Machining

  • Print to Part cycle-times
  • Quick change-overs
  • Addresses increasing part complexities
  • Simultaneous off axis milling, drilling and tapping
  • Simultaneous back-plane machining
  • Large length to diameter micro part ratios
  • Short or prismatic parts machining
  • CAM optimization for long production runs
  • Machining hard, high temper materials
  • Elimination of costly secondary operations

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