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Cold Formed Diode Body

CDA 102 copper cold formed diode body
Cold Formed Diode Body Cold Formed Diode Body
Use:  Diode ring for an auto rectifier component.
Material:  CDA 102 copper (oxygen free high conductivity copper).
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Produced on multi-station cold heading equipment-finished/complete off machine.
  • No secondary processes needed.
  • Tools Designed in-house at Sussex Wire, Inc.
  • Tools built in-house by Sussex Wire tool room.



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Notable Features: 
  • From top to bottom the cup contains three inside diameters, two wire bond pads, two outside diameters, and many different wall thicknesses that vary throughout the morphology of the ring (see cross section). No draft needed.
  • The wire bond pads are very smooth with a highly polished (coined) surface finish.
  • No folds developed in the part progression. Folds are sources of plating failure and separation in the field.
  • Burrless.
  • Cost. Cold forming this high volume part is vastly more efficient than trying to machine this shape. Production speeds are in excess of 80 parts per minute with minimal scrap and minimal tool wear on the crucial surface finish features (eg: the wire bond pads).
  • The varying wall thickness are not easily attainable in a deep draw operation.
  • This part progression has been computer simulated so as to not incorporate any metal folds in its manufacture. Metal folds can entrap oil and/or other detritus which can bleed through plating and possibly create oxidized spots at a later date.

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