Application Profile

Fuse Component

Cold formed high volume low carbon steel barrel plated with electroless nickel plate fuse part
Fuse Component 3D Rendering Fuse Component Technical Drawing
Use:  High volume fuse component.
Material:  Low carbon steel barrel plated with electroless nickel plate.
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Cold formed on a header machine.



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Notable Features: 
  • Dimensionally small & thin: .041" (1 mm) thick, .089" (2.2mm ) major diameter, .012" (.3mm) wide pedestals.
  • Radiused tip: tightly controlled.
  • Smooth/high surface finish.
  • Electroless Nickel Plate.
  • Production speeds are high allowing for low production costs.
  • The formation of the four pedestals are inexpensively formed by the cold forming (coined) process.
  • High surface finishes attainable on a consistent basis.

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