Application Profile

Hex Shaped OD with Counterbore

Multi die cold formed unleaded brass alloy CDA 260 hex shaped OD with counterbore
Hex Shaped OD with Counterbore 3D Rendering Hex Shaped OD with Counterbore Technical Drawing
Use:  Connector component in high brake assembly - auto.
Material:  Brass alloy CDA 260 - unleaded brass.
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Multi Die cold formed.




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Notable Features: 
  • CDA 260 Brass (NO LEAD) contributes to reducing lead content in assembled device.
  • HEX shaped major OD containing counterbore ID.
  • Extruded minor OD.
  • Material waste is minimal: NO LEAD.
  • Production speeds are high allowing for low production costs. Much faster than machining.
  • Concentricity of all diameters is near perfect: TIR approx. .002".
  • Surface finishes are smooth. No machining marks/spirals/inclusions are present.
  • Completely CLEAN counterbore. No detritus from a (machining) broach (usually found at the bottom of the counterbored ID when machined).

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