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Position Title: Production Set-up Mechanic - Cold Heading / Roll Forming

Department: Operations

Job Purpose:
Sets-up, operates, and adjusts Cold Heading and Thread Rolling machines according to mechanical drawing tolerance specifications and work instructions.

Essential Job Functions:

  • maintains a clean and safe working environment.
  • sets up and operates machine that automatically performs multi-progression operations such as roll threading and/or heading to produce mini / micro precision metal parts from a variety of metals and alloys.
  • selects, installs, and aligns, dies, rolls, cutting tools, guides and stops to set up machine, using hand tools and measuring instruments.
  • sets controls to synchronize machine actions for various operations on work piece in specified sequence.
  • positions coil of metal wire or rod on feed spindle and threads it through straightening rolls into feed mechanism.
  • starts machine to produce sample product and measure for conformance with specifications, using measuring instruments.
  • adjusts setting of dies on controls, as required, to obtain product meeting specifications, quality standards and daily volume production objectives.
  • starts machine to begin production and observes machine operations for evidence of malfunction and products for defects.
  • uses overhead crane, forklift, hand truck to bring and remove supplies as needed.
  • using measuring instruments to ensure and record quality information.

General Requirements:

  1. Ability to effectively perform the above mentioned essential job functions.
  2. High school diploma or GED. Degree or certificate from certified mechanic or mechanical technician program is preferred.
  3. Three to Five Years of Cold Heading or related experience.
  4. Ability to read and understand mechanical drawings, work instructions, and specifications. Requires familiarity with, and the ability to use, common hand and power tools.
  5. May be required to lift heavy (over 30 lbs.) objects and work with chemicals.

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