In-House Tooling and Component Engineering

As a vertically integrated design and manufacturing firm, Sussex Wire uses the most advanced engineering solutions for tool design, stress and strain analysis, and document control. These tools allow our engineering team to quickly develop prototypes and predict performance of a variety of approaches for our customers’ NPD staff to help them predict the ultimate qualities of the product.

Check Your Design with Our Prototype Calculators here.

Cold forming technology starts with analysis of part geometry, including optimal material and dimensional qualities and limitations, as well as analysis of tool design, to allow Sussex to develop tooling that can withstand repetitive impact to yield exceptionally long life with complementary precision.


In-house tool design is accomplished in 3D using INVENTOR. Sussex uses parametric modeling to facilitate tooling design and reduce lead times.

Stresses and strains induced during cold forming can be predicted using the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software DEFORM 3D. Information from these analyses can be provided to the customer to assist their designers predict the strength of the product. DEFORM is also used to predict final shape using part forming analysis.

Sussex Wire utilizes Adept™ Engineering, Quality, and Customer Document Control Software by Synergis. Adept’s Vault software provides document version control, workflow automation and an audit control.

Sussex Wire In-house Design Capability

All tools are designed parametrically which helps Sussex Wire to provide fast turn around in tool design. Sussex Wire has tool design and tool life optimization capabilities using Finite Element Analysis.

View Die Stress Analysis Examples here.


3D-Cold Forming Tool Design


3D-Four Slide Tooling Design


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