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Cold Formed Cup on .020 (.5mm) U Bend

70 CCFe cold formed cup on .020 (.5mm) U bend HP diode pin
Cold Formed Cup on .020 (.5mm) U Bend 3D Rendering Cold Formed Cup on .020 (.5mm) U Bend Technical Drawing
Use:  Reflector cup used as a combination LED (light emitting diode) reflector and wire lead terminal.
Material:  70% CCFe (copper clad steel; 70% conductivity) .020" diameter.
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Headed and bent on a slide machine.



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Notable Features: 
  • Cold headed cup shape formed on the end of an .020" (.5mm) diameter wire. This cup shape is meant to accommodate a tiny LED chip and reflect light as a flashlight reflector.
  • The metal mass that is in the cup shape is extraordinarily large for the .020" diameter beginning wire diameter.
  • The U-shape terminal leads are attached to the cup as one piece.
  • This high volume CCFe (clad wire) part can be handled magnetically due to the steel core.
  • The steel core provides a very stiff wire making the part handleable without deformation/bending.
  • The heavy copper outer layer gives the wire 70% conductivity (ie: 70% of the conductivity expected from a pure copper wire).
  • The highly reflective cup feature is manufactured to a special inside shape for reflecting the LED light from a specific shaped angle.

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