Application Profile

Micro Headed Button with Double Counterbore

Multi die cold formed CDA 102 copper micro headed button with double counterbore
Micro Headed Button with Double Counterbore 3D Rendering Micro Headed Button with Double Counterbore Technical Drawing
Use:  Heat sink & fastener component in high volume electronic assembly.
Material:  CDA 102 copper (high conductivity & oxygen free copper).
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Multi Die cold formed.



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Notable Features: 
  • Note counterbored feature on both sides of button.
  • Wall thickness on c-bore is approx. .005" thick (.125 mm).
  • Material waste is minimal.
  • Cold forming eliminates the presence of spiral machining lines or draw lines in drawn tubing.
  • Production speeds are high allowing for low production costs. Much faster than machining.
  • Burrless.
  • Very small part with precise features made inexpensively.

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