Nakashimada President Visits Sussex Wire

On November 13, 2017 Sussex Wire’s leadership team met with Masahiro (Mabo) Nakashimada, president of the Japanese firm that supplies Sussex Wire with the precision micro-miniature cold heading machines currently in use at the company’s Easton PA manufacturing plant.

Sussex Wire’s team, including vice president of engineering, Madan Mathevan, discussed with Mabo a number of potential methods and technological enhancements to Nakashimada’s cold heading machines that could be employed to improve specific challenging precision profiles and enhance long-term repeatability.

Mr. Nakashimada stated that Sussex Wire is one of only a very few companies worldwide equipped to manufacture close tolerance high precision micro-miniature components from wire dimensions under 6 mm using their cold heading machines. He strongly believes that significant growth opportunities exist for companies specializing in this field because of the inherent benefits of cold forming, such as lower cost, higher volume productivity, cleaner finished parts, reduced environmental impact, improved strength due to work hardening, and repeatable precision.

While close tolerance machining is much better known and understood by NPD engineers, cold forming’s value propositions are becoming increasingly attractive to companies serving the consumer healthcare, electronics, and transportation sectors, where high volume, high precision components made from cold forming machines, such as those used at Sussex Wire, are competitively advantageous.

Mabo Nakashimada’s collaboration with Sussex Wire’s engineering staff will no doubt lead to innovations in design for manufacturability and cost reduction that continue to converge any remaining quality differences between cold forming and machining in axially symmetrical micro-miniature parts.

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