Application Profile

Canula Hub

Cold formed aluminum alloy canula hub tubular part that holds a medical needle
Canula Hub 3D Rendering Canula Hub Technical Drawing
Use:  Tubular part that holds a medical needle on the small inside diameter end and screws into a syringe body on the opposite end.
Material:  Aluminum alloy.
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Cold formed in a multiple station cold header.
  • Threads formed automatically in a secondary operation.


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Notable Features: 
  • Very small minor ID = .020" (.4mm) with a tight tolerance =+/- .0004" (.001mm)
  • Chamfers formed at either end of the small ID for easier automatic insertion of canula.
  • Material waste is minimal.
  • The part is formed from aluminum alloy round wire.
  • Production speeds are high allowing for low production costs.
  • The (ID) threaded portion is burrless (very important). The threading operations do not mark the ribbed surface of the OD.
  • Tight/consistent ID tolerances are possible by forming the tube rather than drawing the ID to tolerance.
  • Rib formation on OD provides a gripping surface for the screw-in of the syringe.
  • Wall thickness varies greatly from very thin to thick features not easily manufactured with a deep draw process or machining.

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