Application Profile

Headed Shoulder Pin Connector

Burrless circuit board connector/terminal with flat for wire bonding headed shoulder connector pin
Headed Shoulder Pin Connector 3D Rendering Headed Shoulder Pin Connector Technical Drawing
Use:  Circuit board connector/terminal with flat for wire bonding.
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Produced from coiled wire .101" diameter.
  • Manufactured complete from cold forming machine. No secondaries on slide machine.
  • Tooling designed & built in-house at Sussex Wire, Inc.



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Notable Features: 
  • High thermal conductivity while resisting thermal softening at high temperature (or high radiation).
  • Maintains strength at high temperatures.
  • Part combines a cold headed flange with a flattened area for wire bonding.
  • Surface finishes better than 32 rms.
  • Burrless.
  • No machining lines or cut off deformations present.
  • Headed portion is used as a stop for insertion into a circuit board and the flattened area is to provide a pad for an electrical connection (ie: wire bond). Incorporated into one piece design.

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