Sussex Wire Advantages

Quality Driven Processes
Sussex Wire, Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 Certified, and routinely completes Gage R&R capability studies to a Six Sigma Cpk for the most stringent of automotive, healthcare and electronics applications.

Engineering Design To Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Sussex delivers know-how and technology for its clients evolved from 40+ years of collaborative design experience. CAD/CAM systems integrated with world-class design labs and tooling capabilities provide fast, accurate, consistent turnkey designs. Our twelve design and tooling engineers, formally trained in 3D simulation using advanced software such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor and DEFORM, collaborate to achieve the easiest, most cost-effective solutions.

Learn about Sussex Wire's 3D simulation process

Integrated Manufacturing
State-of-the-art cold forming, cold heading, roll forming, EDM, OMNI, tapping and finishing technologies provide timely and controlled production throughout all primary and secondary operations. Formalized internal and external training and certification for all operations personnel ensures readiness and consistency from one work center to the next.

Rapid Prototyping Saves Time
Our company's “Quick-turn” prototyping capabilities give us the opportunity to make ROI value judgments with our clients before committing extensive resources to new product development (NPD). We value our clients’ precious time and demonstrate it through rigorous milestone and gate review protocol practices that enable us to make “go / no-go” decisions earlier in the NPD cycle.

Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Culture
Our company, staffed by certified Lean Continuous Improvement (CI) Practitioners, embraces Kaizen events in order to deliver greater throughput. This results in better value without sacrificing quality, and ensures on-time deliveries every time. Sussex Wire’s Continuous Improvement Culture starts every part design by identifying the optimal material for the job, and determining the most cost-effective method to produce it and deliver it to the customer. Kaizen events are held as frequently as quantifiable material gaps are identified. We pride ourselves on the fact that we never stop improving.

High Volume Mini and Micro Precision Designs
Sussex Wire is scaled to engineer, produce and control parts to geometries measured in fractions of 0.001” at annual volumes well in excess of one billion per year. This makes the company a recognized global leader in mini and micro part design and manufacture. Healthcare, semiconductor, automotive, energy and electronics clients routinely consult with our design team to transform micro components traditionally produced by screw, Swiss-screw and machine houses into less expensive, high volume cold formed solutions. The tighter the geometry, the more complex the design, and the more difficult the material = the more valuable our services.

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