Metal Fabrication Process Comparison, MIM vs Cold Forming, Machining, or Stamping

Metal Component Manufacturing Technology Attributes
Manufacturing Technology
Attributes Cold Forming/ Heading Screw/ Swiss Machining Stamping MIM
Material Scrap Typically less than 2-3% As much as 50-70% As much as 30+% Typically less than 5%
Production Rate
90 - 350+ Typically 4 - 6 100+ 100+
Ideal - retains native material properties Poor - grain boundaries broken/ cut Reduction proportional to centroid distance Acceptable except for possible lateral fatigue
Total Cost Generally lowest for 50,000 or > EAU quantities Generally lowest for < 10,000 EAU quantities Economical solution for high volume EAU quantities of simple shapes Generally higher due to required secondary operations
Ideal for complex, variable internal and external feature depth and thickness Allows for large variability in feature outside diameters along part length Well suited for parts with modest internal feature variation & a flatter profile Supports complicated asymmetrical part features
Minimal - process generally produces burr-free parts off machine Requires deburring Generally requires deburring and possible machining Requires vacuum heat treat and trimming
FAI lead-time Generally 2 - 13 weeks Generally 1 - 2 weeks Generally 4 - 13 weeks Generally 4 - 13 weeks
Tooling Modest initial investment Low cost High initial investment High Intial investment

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