Application Profile

Terminal Pins with Cap in Kovar

Multi die cold formed Kovar alloy per ASTM f-15 cap lead combination pin
Cap Lead Combination Pin 3D Rendering Cap Lead Combination Pin Technical Drawing
Use:  Terminal component in high volume glass to metal seal (hermetic) electronic device.
Material:  Kovar alloy per ASTM f-15 (nickel/cobalt alloy - glass to metal seal quality).
Manufacturing Method: 
  • Multi Die cold formed.



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Notable Features: 
  • Very large volume head combined with small diameter shaft.
  • Very high surface finish. No machining lines or machining tit present at either end of the part.
  • Very good surface finish present on the sealing surfaces. No leak paths.
  • Note the recessed trapezoidal shape in the top head surface.
  • Material waste is minimal.
  • Normally, this component would be a two piece welded unit combining a kovar disc (ie: a button) with a terminal lead. This component is cold-formed as a one piece unit therefore there is no weld/braze joint between two different pieces and no assembly error.
  • Production speeds are high allowing for low production costs. Much faster than machining.
  • Concentricity of all diameters is near perfect: TIR approx. .002".
  • Surface finishes are smooth for good hermetic sealing characteristics. No machining marks/spirals/inclusions are present.

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