Senator Pat Toomey visits Sussex Wire

Easton PA (January 29, 2018) - Pat Toomey, US Senator from Pennsylvania, visited Sussex Wire, Inc. to discuss the potential benefits of the recently enacted tax legislation with Sussex Wire president and CEO, Tim Kardish. During a 10-minute introductory session which included members of the Sussex Wire’s leadership team, Kardish described the nature and benefits of the cold-forming technology to Senator Toomey and talked about how the Federal tax reform act will help the company invest in new technology and hire new workers faster than originally planned.

Senator Toomey and Tim Kardish meet at Sussex Wire’s cold forming manufacturing facility
Senator Toomey and Tim Kardish meet at Sussex Wire’s cold forming manufacturing facility

Toomey asked a number of questions to better understand Sussex Wire’s competitive position as a global leader in cold-heading manufacturing technology and sought to understand what part of the tax package Kardish believed would be most beneficial. Kardish responded, “The accelerated depreciation of one year for capital purchases is very attractive. Lower taxes will allow us to compete more aggressively with other manufacturing technologies found in traditional low cost to manufacture locations. It gives Sussex Wire a leg-up on contract manufacturers employing the less attractive screw machining technologies for the most demanding applications in the medical device, healthcare consumables, electronics and defense and aerospace markets.”

Following the introduction, Kardish invited Senator Toomey to tour the manufacturing floor. During the tour Toomey took time to speak with several employees about their perceptions of potential benefits in the tax law. “We need more manufacturing in this country, and I believe that we’ll get it,” said one employee.

After the 20-minute tour, Toomey made himself available to the Leigh Valley media to answer questions. In attendance were reporters from Lehigh Valley Business (, Lehigh Valley Live, Morning Call, and WFMZ – TV69.

In all, Toomey and his staff spent nearly an hour speaking with Sussex Wire employees and press before heading to Washington in advance of the State of The Union address on Tuesday.


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